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NIS Academy member 2

A NIS treatment overview

Didier Fouquet:

First and only Certified NIS Practitioner in Queensland.

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Neurolink NIS or Neurological Integration System is:

Non intrusive -  Non manipulative - A system of priorities - The most comprehensive natural Wellbeing maintenance system

A System

NIS looks at your individual body state collectively as a whole entity, not just symptomatic complaints. It supports ones brain's abilities to provide you with sustainable improvements.
NIS is a system, not a technique like Chiropractic, Bowen and Acupuncture…

NIS is not about what we do, our or your opinion of the symptoms.
With NIS we are looking at the brain's signals, as the brain is the only one to know how your body systems are supposed to be operating at optimum level. When congruence (a body function under the control of the brain) is established, the body function is running optimally.

"A simple approach to a complex situation, allowing full human potential to be utilised."

The Brain

When the tolerance level (threshold) of a body function has been exceeded, your brain may isolate this function for various reasons, which may slow or stop the signals for the healing process to take place. Given the opportunity to restore an isolated function, your body will then proceed to self-repair or just maintain Wellbeing. By applying signals checks in a prioritised order, NIS looks for the body functions that have been isolated in a safety net, once an isolated body function has been exposed and recognised, the brain will initiate the necessary steps to address the issue.

Your brain operates in two ways only:

1 Gain Pleasure

Allowing working body functions that do not create any stress, damage or provide some release to your body.

2 Avoid Pain

When a body function is under stress beyond its threshold of tolerance, the brain will isolate the concern function, as part of a self preserving mechanism.


The brain will always preserve itself from a rectification that may endanger the body itself, thus making reliance on the brain to address concerns the safest way to date.

“NO medical specialist will ever know better your needs relative to maintain 100% of your health than your brain”

A Consultation

NIS looks at the underlying signals not the symptoms. Once a function has been isolated, symptoms may become apparent (similar to a warning light on the dash board of your car).
The brain main function is to ensure the body operates at its maximum potential, with all remaining working body functions. The activation of back up systems overloads other body functions and lowers their potentials (your car will still drive even with a low oil warning light is on for many kilometres). Stopping the use of "back-ups" is only possible once the brain has been able to be returned to full system functions (you need to put oil in the engine). The time frame to effectively notice changes in the symptoms will depend on the complexity of the isolated function (if driving your car without oil has blown-up the motor, it will need to be fixed prior to be able to start it again).

"Accumulation of lowered body functions will weaken the overall body functions, often referred to: the ageing process."

The Aim

Optimum Well-being is the brain being able to regulate all body functions at 400kph and not trying to regulate it by hand.
An individual's recall ability is of 10%, leaving a 90% possibility of an error. The brain knows all the time. The use of technology is great for diagnosis but the brain is best to determine the cause.

“Science says the first word on everything, but the last one on nothing.”  

Video - Dr. A. Phillips : What is NIS?



When you are looking at alternative medicine to support your Wellbeing, may it be any type of immune response challenge, anxiety, stress or lots more, NIS is an alternative Wellbeing maintenance system you should consider.