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Glandular Typing Diet support proper metabolism:

A Glandular Typing Diet support different type of metabolism. Also recognised based on the shape of your body, because each Body Type has its own special shape.

But, your Glandular Typing has a more important reality: it is a signal of the type of metabolism you have.

Your Glandular Typing comes from which of your four major glands is the strongest in your metabolism. The body has four major glands: the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland and gonads or sex glands.

According to which of these glands dominates your system, you can be either a Thyroid Type, an Adrenal Type, a Gonadal Type or a Pituitary Type.
Find out your Body Type from the pictures and get an understanding on how each type puts on weight in different places, craves different foods and has a different energy pattern.


BODY TYPE ADRENAL Dominant gland: the adrenal glands.

Main morphology trait: muscular development and intramuscular water retention.

Basic body shape: strong-looking, bigger above the waist than below, large breasts, slim hips. Hold salt and water in the muscles - tissue heavy and dense. Square body, round belly, thin legs an flat butt. Square palms with tubular fingers, palm may be longer than fingers.

Weight gain spots: mostly above the waist (upper back, breasts, stomach), with hips and legs remaining shapely.

Food cravings: salty foods, fats, alcohol.

Energy pattern: steady energy all day, falling off in the evening. Heals quickly (steroids hormones assist immune function).

Personality: friendly, practical and outgoing. Slow to get angry, but with a temper when provoked.

Best exercise: generally do not like to exercise. Lymphatic massage is best for this body type as it will help with detoxification and weight loss.

Foods that supports your metabolism

Plenty: Low-fat dairy foods, cottage cheese, skim milk, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, parsley tea.

Moderation: fish, poultry (remove skin), eggs, coffee and tea, light desserts, oils (especially olive).

Rarely: salty foods, yellow and aged cheeses, red meats (not fried), butter, shellfish, alcohol.

Download your typical day's menu.



BODY TYPE THYROID Dominant gland: the thyroid gland.

Main morphology trait: leanness.

Basic body shape: long-limbed, fine-boned, high waist, often pronounced "knuckles", hard nails, pronounced moons, oval or long face. Frequently prolific eyebrows meeting above the nose.

Weight gain spots: between shoulders and knees, including thighs, upper hips and round waist.

Food cravings: sweets, starches, caffeine.

Energy pattern: up and down (energetic for a while, with a tendency to "crash").

Personality: creative, lively, full of energy when "up".  Tendency to be irritable or depressed when tired or stressed.

Best exercise: Swim, Bike, walking 20 minutes 2 or 3 times per week to exercise lymphatics - strenuous exercise will fatigue easily.

Foods that supports your metabolism

Plenty: eggs, chicken, fish and shellfish, fresh vegetables, low-fat dairy, raspberry leaf tea.

Moderation: legumes, whole grains, butter and vegetables, oils, fruits, red meats, organ meats (liver, kidney...).

Rarely: sugars, caffeine, refined grains.

Download your typical day's menu.



BODY TYPE PITUITARY Dominant gland: the pituitary gland.

Main morphology trait: increased bone growth - growth hormone.

Basic body shape: youthful-looking, with a small-boned body and a head that is somewhat large for her body size.

Weight gain spots: all over, not in any one defined spot. Weight may accumulate on the knees.

Food cravings: dairy foods and sweets.

Energy pattern: a morning person, with energy falling off in the evening.

Personality: very idealistic and intelligent, with a tendency to be reserved except with close friends.

Best exercise: aerobic exercise such as swimming, brisk walking and aerobic workouts with weights.

Foods that supports your metabolism

Plenty: beef,lamb, chicken, organ meats (liver, kidneys, heart...), eggs, fresh vegetables, fenugreek tea.

Moderation: fruits, legumes, whole grains, vegetable oils.

Rarely: dairy products, refined carbohydrates.

Download your typical day's menu.



BODY TYPE GONODAL Dominant gland: the gonads.

Main morphology trait: shortness and frequently with a high degree of sexual development - Males tend to be short and strong.

Basic body shape: pear-shaped, with curvy rear and slender upper body. Fingers usually are shorter than the palm. Males usually are under 1m75 and women under 1m60. Ample body hair often on the back (males). The hair is usually thick and coarse. Bones are fine with small hands and tapered fingers.

Weight gain spots: mostly on the rear, to a lesser extent the hips and outer thighs.

Food cravings: rich, creamy and spicy food.

Energy pattern: very strong, even energy, able to keep going even when tired.

Personality: warm and nurturing, with a tendency to become stressed when doesn't take care of him/herself too.

Best exercise: walking, jogging, swimming, cycling.

Foods that supports your metabolism

Plenty: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, low-fat dairy.

Moderation: legumes, whole grains, butter and vegetables, oils, fruits, red meats, organ meats (liver, kidney...)fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables, oils, light desserts, refined grains.

Rarely: NO red meats, spices (herbs are OK - including dill, parsley, basil, tarragon and thyme), cream, butter and rich desserts.

Download your typical day's menu.